Project Team

Project Founders

  • Lisa Singh, Georgetown University
  • Susan Martin, Georgetown University
  • Jeff Collmann, Georgetown University
  • Susan McGrath, York University
  • Sid Berkowitz, Georgetown University

Current Project PIs

  • Lisa Singh, Georgetown University
  • Katharine Donato, Georgetown University
  • Susan McGrath, York University
  • Susan Martin, Georgetown University
  • Aijun An, York University

Project Team Members

Georgetown Technical Team

  • Yiqing Ren - Database Manager
  • Colton Padden - Software Developer
  • Yanchen Wang - Computer Science PhD Student
  • Yaguang Liu - Computer Science PhD Student
  • Ken Kawintiranon - Computer Science PhD Student
  • Brian Fry - Computer Science Undergraduate
  • Camden Blatchly - Computer Science Undergraduate

Georgetown Technical Team Alumni

  • Laila Wahedi, PhD - Massive Data Institute (MDI) Fellow (Facebook)
  • Chris Kirov, PhD - Computational Linguist (Google)
  • Yigang Wei, PhD - Computer Science PhD Student & PostDoc (Facebook)
  • Zheng Chai – Computer Science Master’s Student (George Mason for PhD)
  • Yuan-Yao (Steven) Chang – Computer Science Master’s Student
  • Julie Hockett – Computer Science Undergraduate (Google)
  • Jordan King – Computer Science Undergraduate (Google)

Funding Support

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the different groups that fund this work: the National Science Foundation (#SMA-1338507), the Georgetown University Massive Data Institute, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Grant Number PDG 890-2014-0036), and the Georgetown Institute for the Study of Migration.

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